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Our Fee Structure - Professional Garden and Landscape Design in the UK

Implementing a full garden redesign is a significant but worthwhile investment in your property – much of the work involved in constructing the garden will be comparable in terms of  labour, materials and cost to building an extension.  A budget of between 4% and 10% of the value of the property will typically yield a return of 10%-20% in improved property values.  However, gardens can be transformed into exciting and functional spaces for much smaller sums, and one of the jobs of the designer is to maximise the effect of the available budget. 

Professional design fees are calculated using the Society of Garden Designers sliding scale and the design process is broken down as follows, with invoicing at each stage.

Stage A

Initial consultation - A site visit identifies the client's needs and any obvious problems.  The design possiblities are explored, and the brief emerges which will guide the design.  A small charge is made for this service, offset against the cost of Stage B if the project is taken forward.

Stage B

Outline design proposal involves the development of the concept, preparation and presentation of the design through sketch plan, perspective drawings and computer modelling.   (Invoice for 30% of total fee less the initial consultation fee)

Other costs incurred at this stage include site survey and possible services of a quantity surveyor.

Stage C

Detailed design includes: setting out plans, construction detailing, other documentation required by contractors to prepare competitive tenders, and detailed information on materials.(Invoice for 30% of total fee)

Other possible costs incurred at this stage include fees payable on submission for necessary statutory approvals.

Stage D

Detailed Planting Plan includes: Planting overview, individual bed plans where necessary, plant schedule with quantities and sizes specified.  (Invoice for 30% of total fee)

Stage E

Detailed specification and tendering administration for which a detailed specification is drawn up, contractors invited to tender and a tender report to client prepared.  (Invoice for 10% of total fee)

Garden Design Services in Scotland

Planting & Redesign Service

If a full garden design isn’t required we can renovate your garden or tired plantings with our planting redesign service.  Gardens can be re-created using contemporary plant varieties and planting styles, or the structure of a traditional garden rejuvenated with fresh combinations of classic garden plants.

This service includes planning, plant sourcing/supply and plant layout on site.

Ground preparation is not included. However planting can be arranged with one of our RHS trained gardeners and hourly rates are charged.

Herbaceous perennials, shrubs and trees can be supplied from one of our preferred suppliers. We work with a network of quality plantsman and nurseries specialising in specific plants throughout the UK.

Further design options available 

Tree Surveying - we can carry out Arboricultural surveys for the purposes of planning plus tree identification

Bespoke Design - furniture, planters, sculpture, water features and lighting design for your garden can give the finishing touches to a creative desing, we can produce bespoke desings to really set off the garden.

These and other services are charged per design.  Travel costs are not applied within Nairn and Inverness, beyond this however travel is charged at 30p/mile.

'One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides'.....W.E. Johns, The Passing Show