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No one garden is the same as the next, no two garden owners are the same.  Some gardens need a contemporary look, whilst others lend themselves naturally to wild flower meadows.  We all know vaguely what we want but dont necessarily have the vision to see this through.  This is where we can help you achieve your garden dreams.  We have worked on a variety of projects with a range of budgets and requirements.  We use all of our skills to work within your specifications and will offer advice and suggestions where necessary.  Please view the individual projects below.

Garden Design in Scotland

If you would like more information on any of the above projects and would like to discuss your own project then contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

'Gardens... should be like lovely, well-shaped girls; all curves, secret corners, unexpected deviations, seductive surprises and then still more curves'.....H.E. Bates, A Love of Flowers